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Randy Lewis, Controller - Head of RTEC's Information Technology Systems.

Randy Bussell, Information Technology Systems Technician

July 19, 2016 - RTEC has installed over 200 Tablets in its vehicles as a means to communicate with the drivers.  The schedules are downloaded from the dispatching software on board the buses so the drivers can work with their schedule throughout the day.  The tablet system replaces the old and redundant automatic vehicle locators and mobile data computers.  Randy Bussell, IT and Chris Hansel have worked feverishly on the new installs.  Randy has trained about 164 drivers to use the new system. 

October 12, 2016 - SEON is finalizing the installation of over 200 surveillance camera systems on board the RTEC Fleet.

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Randy Renner is the Lead Mechanic for the RTEC Fleet.  Randy has been working on the vehicles for about 6 years and will continue to provide the same safe service as in the past.   Chris Hansel has advanced to Automotive Mechanic for RTEC after 5 years of service in the operations department.  Chris will continue working on vehicles and the technology side including automatic vehicle locators and mobile data computer installs.

The RTEC delegation attended the CTAA Conference in St. Paul, MN - Dale Shelton, Shirley Cummins, Bobby & Pam Lawson, Tim Bow and Linda Proctor

Dale Shelton, Drug & Alcohol Program Manager and the Safety & Security Officer at RTEC

A Driver Safety Meeting & Training at RTEC.

June 8, 2014 - CTAA National Driver Roadeo in St. Paul.  Pam and Bobby Lawson are shown at breakfast before the roadeo begins.

Pam Shepherd (FTSB), Dan Lanham (GRITS) & Shirley Cummins (RTEC) at the CTAA Trade Show

Freda Parsons & Linda Proctor (RTEC) at the CTAA trade Show.

Rural Transit Enterprises Coordinated, Inc. (RTEC)freda Rob & Chris
RTEC's Freda Parsons and Chris Hansel are
shown receiving four (4) new minivans on November 15, 2013
from American Bus delivered by Rob Roy (center). 


Central States' Mark Parsons (left) delivered four (4) new cut-away chassis vehicles to RTEC on January 30, 2014.  Freda Parsons and Gary Scott are shown with Parsons.

RTEC rolls out its new Intercity Bus Wraps by SignSmith Design, Donavon Smith.  The routes will run to Lexington on a regular basis. 

computerA brief summary of expanding RTEC Technologies:  January 18, 2011 RTEC serves the following counties: Bell, Clinton, Cumberland, Knox, Laurel, McCreary, Monroe, Pulaski, Rockcastle, Russell, Taylor, Wayne, and Whitley.  RTEC has added to its vehicle fleet Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL) and Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) technology.  This allows RTEC to track vehicle location and send and receive data such as communication between dispatch and driver, passenger manifest, actual pick-up and drop-off times, and even current speed of travel.  RTEC has equipped the majority of its vehicles with Audio and Visual recording systems as a deterrent to possible vandalism and crime. 

Electronic Payment Gateway (EPG)

RTEC is presently initiating a new project to offer Electronic Payment Gateway (EPG) technology to its customers.  Initially this will allow the use of pre-paid cards to passengers as a bus pass alternative to handling cash fares.  This will enable passengers to pre-pay for rides in advance by uploading funds from their debit or credit card via the internet.  When they board the bus, all they will have to do is swipe their card and take a seat and let the bus take them to their destination.  This will increase security and decrease the time consuming likelihood of incorrect change.  Eventually it may also lead to other possible allocations such as giving passengers the option to purchase ride tickets with a credit card or debit card when they board the bus. 

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

RTEC has implemented an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) equipment which will allow passengers to call and check their ride schedule in real time without having to speak with an actual customer service representative.  This will eliminate unnecessary call time and free customer service representatives to take new appointments and schedules.  The system would also contact passengers to remind them of scheduled appointments and give them the opportunity to cancel if the ride is no longer necessary, thus decreasing the unfortunate and costly amount of “no-shows” and unnecessary mileage. 


 Rural Transit Enterprises Coordinated, Inc. (RTEC)


Shirley Cummins, Executive Director for Rural Transit Enterprises Coordinated, Inc. (RTEC) announced they have entered into a contract with Avail Technologies to update 140 vehicles with Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s). The funds for the new equipment and technology were made possible through a Grant.

Avail Technologies is the successful bidder following RTEC’s request for proposals for Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVLs) and the mobile data computer equipment. Bids were reviewed in March and the contract was awarded in April this year, beginning with the Proof-of-Concept to be certain that the proposed equipment would be effective in the rural area of Southeast Kentucky.

The Proof-of-Concept was completed in June at RTEC’s office in Mount Vernon. During this test RTEC was able to test the units in the field and track the vehicles from the office. RTEC was very pleased with the outcome of the test and the ability of the units! Over the next couple of months TranSched and Digital Dispatch Systems (DDS) will complete the interface between their software and hardware. Once the interface is complete, installation of the units will begin. The next phase of the project is a 30-unit vehicle test before installing equipment in 110 vehicles, the final phase of the project.

Avail Technologies contracted to install DDS MC 1790 Windows CE device. This is a very practical size device with a color touch screen that also provides mapping capabilities to the vehicle operators. TranSched will interface the current scheduling and dispatching software TransView. Avail will enlist installation and support of the mobile units through Wilson & Deal Communications of Somerset. For data transfer, RTEC will be using Cellular Digital Packet Data, otherwise known as CDPD, provided by Cellular One. Besides having the ability to provide up-to-date information on vehicle locations for clients, the use of MDT’s will also provide RTEC with a more accurate reporting capability. RTEC is very excited to be working with Avail and are eager to get the vehicles installed with the MDT’s and provide our clients with the best transportation available.

RTEC anticipates that by the beginning of the New Year to have vehicles installed with the MC 1790’s and data transfer-taking place. The MDT will provide accurate odometer readings (or mileage) and accurate vehicle location, as well as Latitude, Longitude and current speed. The interface between the MDT and RTEC’s TransView software will immediately update the software on no-shows or instantly let drivers know of cancellations without voice contact from dispatch.

Check back often to see the latest changes in technologies taking place at RTEC.

February 10, 2004 - AVAIL Technologies delivered the new equipment for Automatic Vehicle Locators and Mobile Data Computers and the installation is well underway.   The next phase includes testing on the first 30 units installed.  If all goes well (as anticipated), the installation of the 110 units will begin.  Concurrently, RTEC will receive a TransView software update through TranSched or the automated dispatch system that will include Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and enhanced billing system.

May 11, 2005 - The AVL & MDT equipment is installed and 140 vehicles are in the final test mode and transportation specialists are being trained to use the new equipment.

July 23, 2007 - Avail Technologies has installed AVL/MDT equipment in 175 vehicles of RTEC, including its subcontractors. 


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